Tips To Increase Your Weight Loss!

Does it make you go crazy when you thought you have done everything right all week but when you got on the scale it didn't move.

You might be making some small mistakes that may be leading to big disappointments. Let's talk about some of the small things that may be stopping you from getting weight loss results.

1. You Don't Eat Breakfast But You Do Eat A Big Dinner.

Some people often think if they do not eat breakfast and have a light lunch this will lead to weight loss.

While it is true that you obviously need to consume fewer calories over the day if you want to lose weight, doing it this way is only going to set you up for a late night binge. You should eat throughout the day but with a taper down effect. What I mean is you should try to take in more calories earlier than later. This also give you more time to use the calories you take in for energy. If that seems to hard for you than try making the later meals the same size as lunch and breakfast.

2. You Eat Everywhere.

You eat in the bedroom; you eat while your in the kitchen; and if you are like most Americans, you eat in your car. The problem with this is most of the time convenience is all that matters and not what we are eating.

It is real easy for these calories to add up if you do not watch it. Pick a place in your house to eat and eat there and only there(like the kitchen table). This will force you to pay more attention to what you are eating. Many times we relate relaxing with eating which then leads to unnecessary calories taken in.

When you are eating while doing things such as reading a book or watching a movie, we tend to overeat cause we are not paying attention to how much we are actually eating.

3. You Are Afraid Of Fats

Some high-fat foods like fast food, ice cream, chips, chocolate bars, and cakes are bad. Other high-fat foods like olive oil, nuts, avocado's and fatty fish can be eaten regularly.

It is a must to have fat in your diet to maintain healthy skin, hair, and body functioning. It is a fact that fats will also make you feel fuller for a longer period of time which means less eating later on. Less calories eaten and more weight loss for you!

4. Not Getting Enough Protein.

A high protein diet can actually aid in weight loss. The body requires energy to digest food and protein happens to require the most energy for the digestion process. Taking in higher amounts of protein will lead to lower net calories. When you eat more protein over carbohydrates and fat, your body will actually be taking in fewer calories.

5. Your Getting To Many Calories From Beverages

You may be going through the day drinking your beverage without the thinking of how those calories are adding up.

Some of those fancy coffee or smoothie drinks could total upwards of 400 calories! If you do not take this into consideration in your daily intake then you will not lose weight. This is a good reason why I believe food journaling is a very good idea for anyone who is thinking of going on a weight loss plan. This will allow you to actually see how many calories you are taking in and that may surprise you.

6. You Eat At Anytime

When people don't have a set schedule they tend to take in more calories cause they are not keeping track of how much they have already eaten. It is also true that without a set schedule you may go for a long period of time without eating causing you to eat bigger meals later in the day.

You should be spacing your meals and snacks 3-4 hours apart so you do not let yourself get overly hungry

My Final Thoughts

So if you are having trouble losing weight try to make sure you are not guilty of any of these things. If you feel that you just can't change some of these things then try to implement them in your own way. Remember, do not give up, do not give in, but do give it your ALL!

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Author: trainermike